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Features And Types Of Hiking Backpacks


Hiking is a leisure activity. It is one of the best leisure activity and helps to relax the mind and breaks ones monotony. This shows how good of an outdoor activity it is. People go for hiking in the forest areas,in the mountains,hills and any other places that provide nature scenes to people. A hiking activity can take a day,can be overnight,over the weekend or can take even a whole week depending on ones desire. This shows supplies such as food,water,clothes and other tools which may be required such as knives are necessary.Therefore a good osprey exos backpack is needed. It needs to be of the right size,comfortable to use and very convenient for the hiking.


A good hiking backpack needs to contain different features.The first and most important feature is the size. A backpack size is usually measured in litres. A hike that is going to take place for a day does not require one to use a large backpack. Hikes taking place for maybe a weekend or for a whole week requires slightly bigger backpack.A backpack should also contain side pockets. The side pockets can be used to put water bottles or oven maps instead of one opening the back from time to time to remove simple things needed in a hike. A backpack should also have a rain cover. This is important because at times it may start raining during a hike. The rain cover will protect what is carried in the backpack from getting wet. walking poles are also another feature to look for in a hiking backpack.


They are usually found mostly at the base of the backpack. They are very important mainly when climbing a rocky area or steep places like mountains and hills. Many people actually do not realize the walking poles.Straps are very important too in a hiking backpack. A hiking backpack should contain shoulder straps,hips straps and chest straps. This is because one may be carrying heavy load and it is important to distribute that weight cross the body.  Learn how to pack hiking backpack in http://www.ehow.com/how_2189086_pack-hiking-backpack.html.


There are several types of backpacks. Hydration backpacks which are small in size.They are not used for long hours.A daypack is slightly larger in size as they are used to carry supplies that are used for one day. There are best hiking backpacks which are used maybe for a hike that is taking place over the weekend. Lastly are the technical packs which are huge in size.They are used for a hike which will take place for a longer time. Mostly a week. Such kind of backpacks include osprey exos 58.